Weight Cut....

So I'm fighting at Under 82.4 On the 14/03/10
That is the weight in the gi. 
My gi weighs 2.4kg
So I need to get down to 80kg
Rather than posting over and over again on this I'm just gonna edit it as i weigh myself.

24/02/10 AM: 84.4kg PM: 85.8kg
25/02/10 AM: 84.3kg PM: 84.8kg
26/02/10 AM: 84.4kg PM: 85.3kg
27/02/10 AM: 84.3kg PM: 85kg
28/02/10 AM: 84kg    PM: 84.7kg
01/03/10 AM: 83.7kg PM: 85.2kg
02/03/10 AM: 84.4kg PM: 84.1kg
03/03/10 AM: 83kg    PM: 83.9kg
04/03/10 AM: 82.8kg PM: 83.7kg
05/03/10 AM: 82.6kg PM: 83.3kg
06/03/10 AM: 82.3kg PM: 82.7kg
07/03/10 AM: 82.1kg PM: 82.3kg
08/03/10 AM: 81.7kg PM: 82.5kg
09/03/10 AM: 81.6kg PM: 82.1kg
10/03/10 AM: 81.3kg PM: 82kg
11/03/10 AM: 81kg    PM: 81.6kg
12/03/10 AM: 80.9kg PM: 81.3kg
13/03/10 AM: 80.6kg PM: 80.7kg
14/03/10 AM: 80.2kg

Official Weight Limit: 82.4 (with the gi)
Official Weigh In:      81.6 (with the gi)

Take care 


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