All I can say is.... what a session.

Didn't feel too great whilst running through the techniques, just kinda awkward and uncomfortable. Happens now and then.
We ran over the techniques we did on Sunday. Awesome high guard stuff.
Choke, if choke fails, armbar, if armbar slips out, choke, if armbar is blocked, Americana, if all blocked, sweep.
Quality little combination, if my brain ever works fast enough to do them haha. The more we drill them the more likely my muscles are to remember them and do them without thinking.

Guard passing was awesome tonight. I worked on one main sweep, and when on top one main pass. Nailed them both over and over again. Was really happy with them. The sweep we did on Sunday and the pass we did last Tuesday. Managing to use them both really well.

Sparring with a higher belt is still always killer. You think you are making progress and then you get smashed haha. Wouldn't have it any other way though. I just wish I was able to attack. I spend so much time wondering what to do, I'm already being tied up. I guess it's just an experience thing. Everything I try to do, he already knows, and knows the counter. The more I roll though, the more I will see it coming, the more I'll be able to figure out a way to stop it happening haha. At least that's what I tell myself haha. I sometimes think that it is a mental block as well. I am already planning my defence and escapes before we have even started. I've lost before I even try. Maybe I'll try and spar with the better guys and play like they were newcomers, see how that goes for me.

Sparring in general was awesome. Just had so much fun tonight and at the end of the day, that is what it's all about. Managed to play with a bunch of stuff I have been meaning too. Trying to work on my top game a bit. Mainly side control as I feel I can get a few good submissions from there, but never manage to hold it long enough to do any of them. Also trying to use knee on belly more. If there is one position I need to be good at rolling with Laurie and Adam is knee on belly. Its one of those positions I never really feel stable in, so never use. But the only way to get better at a position is to use it. Was trying for a choke we did ages ago from there with the lapel wrapped around the shoulder but hadn't left myself enough material to switch hands, but as it happens an armbar presented itself to me. Not the usual far side that I would normally try, a near side one, where you have to step in and fall back. Was well happy with that, one of those techniques I have done with Andre and remember not really getting it. But it presented itself and I got it so was I happy. 

Take care 


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