Time For You To Realise That Nothing's Going To Die With You....

The Last Chance xDemo 2002x CD. Hand Numbered 50/100
Unfortunately form I never got to see this band. They broke up pretty much as I started going to shows.
I'd heard a lot about them and had a few MP3s from the Dead And Gone website.
Few tracks up on their myspace and a couple of videos from their last show.

Black Friday 29 Blackout 7"
Saw this band in Canterbury when they played The Break In record release show.
Only recently got back into them, missed them on their recent tour though.

Until The End S/T 7"
Amazing Straight Edge mosh band.
If you were into The Break In, then you are gonna love this shit.
Blood In The Ink is one of the best Straight Edge albums ever!

Gotta pick up another red card parcel form the Post Office so no doubt ill update this again later on today.
Hopefully going to see 44" Chest tonight. Pretty pissed that Ashford Cineworld isn't showing it but hey, gotta love The Daddy

Take care


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