Second session back training tonight.
Cardio, bit better
Grip, still shit
Hip movement, bit better

Lesson was taken by Laurie and focused on real basic stuff. Which is awesome!
Some small details on posture that you never really think of.
Couple of finer details on breaking the guard and a simple pass.
One that we have been over before but I have always struggled with.
Sometimes you see a technique and it just clicks. The tiniest detail can make all the difference.
Had it just before xmas when drilling "scissor sweeps". A purple belt just adjusted my arm slightly and things began to make sense haha.

Did a fair bit of guard passing tonight which is something I have definitely been meaning to work on.
I tend to get stuck in guard, manage to break the guard, and inevitably put myself into a triangle, or step right into a sweep.
Managed to pull off a couple of "hip bump" sweeps. Mainly due to people concentrating on their posture and leaning back too far. I've struggled with this technique in the past but I think the key to it is timing, and explosion.
Sparring was fun as usual, managed to avoid Adam's "knee on belly of doom" as we did guard passing together, instead suffering the "knee on belly of destruction" from Laurie haha.
As always tried to work some of the stuff we just went over, but I found its fresh in peoples mind and they spot it a mile away. But if you can catch someone with something they can see coming, and they can't stop it, then you are obviously doing it right.

Definitely training Thursday. Slowly going to step it back up to 3 times a week and then add some weights in there too. I miss lifting weights, not that I was ever any good, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Take care


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