Cop Out....

Funniest film this year so far!

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We Forge This World Into An Hell....

 1 Arkangel – Prayers Upon Deaf Ears
 2 Length of Time – Approach to the new world
 3 Ringworm – The Promise
 4 Buried Alive – The Death of Your Perfect World
 5 Shockwave – Omega Supreme
 6 Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire
 7 xReign of Terrorx – There's a Last Time for Everything
 8 Earth Crisis – To The Death
 9 Earth Crisis – Firestorm EP
10 Arkangel – Dead Man Walking

Robin Hood....

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Two Words, Straight Fucking Edge....

Been a little slack on updating this. Had a few records turn up so I thought it was about time I uploaded them
Abolition/ Hang The Bastard - Split 7"

Abolition are a 90s style Straight Edge band with a lot of potential and Hang The Bastard are a metal influenced hardcore band, both from London area.


Said And Done - Weight Of The World 7"

So far I think I have a copy of every release from CTW records so I picked this up without really knowing anything about them. Not quite what I was expecting but is fucking awesome none the less.


Outbreak - You Make Us Sick 7"

Fast thrashy hardcore on Bridge 9, played a show in Folkestone a couple of years ago but never really got into them till recently. High point of that show was the local Folkestone rude boy (who is now "core" HA) getting stomped for picking a fight with Sketchy Adam, never seen a room erupt so quickly haha.


Earth Crisis - Firestorm 7"

What do I need to say about this band really? Only got into them myself recently. I've known who they were for years but never got round to them. What a fucking record! Listening to this band makes me want to X up there and then. How no-one ever pushed them on my I will never know haha.


Never Again/ Mind Trap - Split

Unfortunately I missed the colour pressings of this! I had the CTW web-store up waiting for the pre-orders to go up, didnt realise at the time it wasn't a CTW release and by the time I had, only black was left, but hey shit happens. Little disappointed in the presentation of this. No lyric sheet, no recording details, no band details and nothing on the record sticker itself to say what side is what. I dont know whether this was deliberate to make it more "mysterious" but I find it a little annoying. Beyond that this is a killer of a record. Never Again are still killing it and Mind Trap impressed me having not heard them before.


The Wrong Side - Dumptruck Demo 7"

Legendary Lockin Out band! Hand numbered 86/149. One side is the four track Dumptruck(their previous name) demo tape and on the other four tracks from a set at United Blood. This is pure gold! Shout out to xDugganx for picking me up one of these!


Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight 7"

Yeah thats right! I love Phil Collins, one of those childhood loves due to the parents. Anyway picked this up at a bootfair for 10p. Fucking bargin and a banger of a tune!


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Lambs That Weep For The Release Of Murderous Wolves....

 1 Earth Crisis – To The Death
 2 Everlast – White Trash Beautiful
 3 Shockwave – Omega Supreme
 4 Bad Brains – Bad Brains
 5 Throwdown – Beyond Repair
 6 50 Lions – Time is the enemy
 7 Trapped Under Ice – Secrets Of The World
 8 Everlast – Whitey Ford Sings the Blues
 9 Until the End – Blood in the Ink
10 Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire



Iron Man 2....

Just awesome!

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Date Night....

Just little note, I want to be married to Tina Fey haha.

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Jesus Christ Was Nailed To The X But That Doesn't Mean Heaven After True 'Til Death....

Been a while since I've updated this, with the weather being a bit better I've been getting out!
Few new bits and pieces.

xFilesx - Excruciation + Discography 12"
Fucking love this album! Fast pissed off hardcore, Simpson said they were the main influence for Out Of Hand and I can see why. I downloaded Excruciation a while back so I've rinsed that but I haven't had a chance to listen to the other side much. The one thing that does bug me about this, no insert! Even if it was just a photocopied piece of paper with the recording details and the lyrics. Annoying. But still awesome none the less.

Trap Them - Cunt Heir To The Throne 7"
Fast and brutal. So heavy, so hard. First heard of these after their bass player filled in on a Trash Talk tour so decided to check them out. Amazing and now on Deathwish. The colour way on this is awesome, half black and grey with black splatter. The cover confuses me a bit as it has the title of the 7" but just some weird pixel lettering and in no way does it read Trap Them, maybe I'm missing something.

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