I've Given Up Believing It's All Gonna Turn Out Fine....

Couple of new records

Dirty Money No Escaping This 7"
Dont think this band needs any introduction.
Last show is sold out which is a bit of a pain. Still gonna try and get a ticket somehow.
If you have been living under a rock

After not being able to find the cinema in time on Monday night, xDugganx and I decided it was good idea to get some pizza, head back to mine and have a lil record session.
After creaming over a bunch of records he has collected over the years he gave me two he used to sell on his distro. Both bands I hadn't heard of which was cool. Always good to find out about new/old bands.

Some Still Believe S/T 7"
Band from California. Members went on to be in Allegiance, Blacklisted, Set It Straight, Set Your Goals.

Up Front What Fire Does 7"
A Youth Crew band popular in the 80s and 90s. Being from New York, they frequently played with bands such as Bold. Up Front was one of several fairly melodic hardcore bands of the time.

Take care


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