I thought tonights session was going to kill me.
Nothing too out of the ordinary other than my need to lose weight so i guess I'm pushing myself harder.

Started with the usual warm up, followed by some stand up drills.
We ran over a guard pass and a cool choke then onto sparring. Same as the last few sessions, bur pees if you win, bur pees if you loose haha.
For some reason I was really struggling with getting enough air. We did 4 round of that before the guys fighting at the London Open, myself included now, did six minute rounds. Three minutes stand up, Three ground. I seemed to get rushed a lot on the feet, some how managing to scramble on a half guard. I really need to feel more confident jumping guard. Maybe it was just the wrong sparring partner, anytime either of us had a grip I was rushed to the ground.
By the time we got to the three on the floor i was shattered. Only managing to scramble guard on and try a few sweeps. I managed to get top position for a bit but just got stuck there.

Need to start warming up my neck properly, last few sessions I have ended up cracking it at some point, whether through someone squeezing my head trying to submit, being stacked or from a sloppy shoot. I always panic a little with my neck.

Managed to get some more patches on my Keiko Raca gi
My two loves, The Straight Edge and Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team.

Was planning on hitting a judo class tomorrow but I'm feeling pretty battered so I may just go for a swim. Maybe next week, I'll have to see how I feel.

Take care


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