Was avoiding coming online yesterday until UFC had downloaded and id had a chance to watch it. The more popular MMA becomes, the harder it is to avoid spoilers!

Trained in Tonbridge yesterday, which is always fun.
Lesson was taken by Dave and was pretty much a recap of the stuff we have been working on over the last couple of weeks.
As well as some cool stuff from knee on belly. Hopefully managed to tidy my own knee on belly up a bit as well as a nice little escape, which I am in definite need of.

Sparring was hard work today, three blue belts in the middle, three minute rounds with the winner getting 10 bur pees, the loser getting 20. Couple of rounds of that got the heart rate up that's for sure. First round got caught fairly quickly, cant remember what with though. Second round caught with a silly Americana, was stuck under side control and my mind wondered for a second and bang. Never take your mind off what your doing haha.
Then two regular sparring right at the end. First with a fairly new blue belt. Finding my two go to sweeps working well still, and even managed to get mount at one stage. Was trying for a collar choke but couldn't get it and was eventually caught off base. Did get caught in the end by a choke from side control although I'm not sure what it was.
Last spar was fucking agony haha. One of those guys who gets a grip, then holds that grip the whole fight haha. Ended up in some strange positions, neither of us able to finish the other but a good too and fro roll. Thought I was close with a rolling triangle from the mount but he managed to get an arm in.
Felt a little sick after class again which at the time feels shit, but after lets me know I pushed myself.

Was planning on heading up to the Boiler Room on Thursday but turns out my mate is ill so cant make it. Definitely going to head up there as often as possible. I've changed my hours at work now so I finish at 1630 so it will make it a bit easier too get up there.

A few people have commented at training about me writing this shit. I'm still to get used to people reading it. I rarely post on forum and so because I know how easy it is to misunderstand what is being said in text. I guess it's just me being a bit paranoid. As much as this is all just my thoughts and opinions,the last thing I want to do is offend someone. But hey if someone has a problem with anything I say on here just let me know and I'll either remove the particular detail or change it in some way.

Take care



  1. Did you get a chance to watch BAMMA 2 on Bravo last weekend (if not, I think it's being repeated this weekend)? Great show, which I much preferred to what I've seen of the recent UFC.

  2. No i didnt get a chance to see it. I did get offered tickets to watch it live but it was too short notice.

  3. It's being repeated this Saturday (27th February) at 22:00 on Bravo 2. Definitely worth a look.