Tonight's session was hard work.
Did a little grip fighting, something I always need to work on. Breaking grips, what grip is stronger etc etc.
Couple of cool guard passes, one of which led into a Simon Hayes favourite.

One word, SMASH!

We repeated the bur pees win/loose sparring that we did on Sunday. Doesn't get any easier.
I'm really finding my top game improving more. I'm holding position a lot better, and although not particularly finishing with anything new enjoying trying new bits out. Really worked my knee on belly tonight, managing to hold and switch it long enough to one, finish with the clock choke we got shown Sunday and two, force an armbar.
Having a few problems finishing from the mount at the moment. My holding of the position is getting better but still only ever being able to fight for that armbar.

Signed myself up to compete in a few weeks. Wasn't planning on doing it as I'm overweight and just getting back into the swing of things, but after a good couple of sessions I thought fuck it, got nothing to lose.
Not going to take it as serious as the last one and just going to use it as an opportunity to have some fun and gain some more experience.
So I have just over two weeks to loose 11lbs. Crash diet here we come haha. Going to keep a note of weight AM and PM. Also my food intake so I will probably post them at some point. Something I heard on the Fightworks Podcast was that if you make a goal, a timespan and make it public then you are more likely to complete it successfully. So,
Goal: Lose 11lbs
Time: 18 Days

Take care


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