Weight Cut....

So I'm fighting at Under 82.4 On the 14/03/10
That is the weight in the gi. 
My gi weighs 2.4kg
So I need to get down to 80kg
Rather than posting over and over again on this I'm just gonna edit it as i weigh myself.

24/02/10 AM: 84.4kg PM: 85.8kg
25/02/10 AM: 84.3kg PM: 84.8kg
26/02/10 AM: 84.4kg PM: 85.3kg
27/02/10 AM: 84.3kg PM: 85kg
28/02/10 AM: 84kg    PM: 84.7kg
01/03/10 AM: 83.7kg PM: 85.2kg
02/03/10 AM: 84.4kg PM: 84.1kg
03/03/10 AM: 83kg    PM: 83.9kg
04/03/10 AM: 82.8kg PM: 83.7kg
05/03/10 AM: 82.6kg PM: 83.3kg
06/03/10 AM: 82.3kg PM: 82.7kg
07/03/10 AM: 82.1kg PM: 82.3kg
08/03/10 AM: 81.7kg PM: 82.5kg
09/03/10 AM: 81.6kg PM: 82.1kg
10/03/10 AM: 81.3kg PM: 82kg
11/03/10 AM: 81kg    PM: 81.6kg
12/03/10 AM: 80.9kg PM: 81.3kg
13/03/10 AM: 80.6kg PM: 80.7kg
14/03/10 AM: 80.2kg

Official Weight Limit: 82.4 (with the gi)
Official Weigh In:      81.6 (with the gi)

Take care 



I thought tonights session was going to kill me.
Nothing too out of the ordinary other than my need to lose weight so i guess I'm pushing myself harder.

Started with the usual warm up, followed by some stand up drills.
We ran over a guard pass and a cool choke then onto sparring. Same as the last few sessions, bur pees if you win, bur pees if you loose haha.
For some reason I was really struggling with getting enough air. We did 4 round of that before the guys fighting at the London Open, myself included now, did six minute rounds. Three minutes stand up, Three ground. I seemed to get rushed a lot on the feet, some how managing to scramble on a half guard. I really need to feel more confident jumping guard. Maybe it was just the wrong sparring partner, anytime either of us had a grip I was rushed to the ground.
By the time we got to the three on the floor i was shattered. Only managing to scramble guard on and try a few sweeps. I managed to get top position for a bit but just got stuck there.

Need to start warming up my neck properly, last few sessions I have ended up cracking it at some point, whether through someone squeezing my head trying to submit, being stacked or from a sloppy shoot. I always panic a little with my neck.

Managed to get some more patches on my Keiko Raca gi
My two loves, The Straight Edge and Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team.

Was planning on hitting a judo class tomorrow but I'm feeling pretty battered so I may just go for a swim. Maybe next week, I'll have to see how I feel.

Take care




Tonight's session was hard work.
Did a little grip fighting, something I always need to work on. Breaking grips, what grip is stronger etc etc.
Couple of cool guard passes, one of which led into a Simon Hayes favourite.

One word, SMASH!

We repeated the bur pees win/loose sparring that we did on Sunday. Doesn't get any easier.
I'm really finding my top game improving more. I'm holding position a lot better, and although not particularly finishing with anything new enjoying trying new bits out. Really worked my knee on belly tonight, managing to hold and switch it long enough to one, finish with the clock choke we got shown Sunday and two, force an armbar.
Having a few problems finishing from the mount at the moment. My holding of the position is getting better but still only ever being able to fight for that armbar.

Signed myself up to compete in a few weeks. Wasn't planning on doing it as I'm overweight and just getting back into the swing of things, but after a good couple of sessions I thought fuck it, got nothing to lose.
Not going to take it as serious as the last one and just going to use it as an opportunity to have some fun and gain some more experience.
So I have just over two weeks to loose 11lbs. Crash diet here we come haha. Going to keep a note of weight AM and PM. Also my food intake so I will probably post them at some point. Something I heard on the Fightworks Podcast was that if you make a goal, a timespan and make it public then you are more likely to complete it successfully. So,
Goal: Lose 11lbs
Time: 18 Days

Take care



You Drink, You Are An Asshole. This Makes You A Drunken Fucking Asshole....

 1. XFilesX – Excruciation
 2. RZL DZL – Strictly Saucers
 3. Mental – Get An Oxygen Tank
 4. Ignite – Our Darkest Days
 5. Floorpunch – Fast Times At The Jersey Shore
 6. Integrity – Humanity Is the Devil
 7. No Justice – Still Fighting
 8. Trapped Under Ice – Secrets Of The World
 9. No Warning – Ill Blood
10. Lifetime – Jersey's Best Dancers


Was avoiding coming online yesterday until UFC had downloaded and id had a chance to watch it. The more popular MMA becomes, the harder it is to avoid spoilers!

Trained in Tonbridge yesterday, which is always fun.
Lesson was taken by Dave and was pretty much a recap of the stuff we have been working on over the last couple of weeks.
As well as some cool stuff from knee on belly. Hopefully managed to tidy my own knee on belly up a bit as well as a nice little escape, which I am in definite need of.

Sparring was hard work today, three blue belts in the middle, three minute rounds with the winner getting 10 bur pees, the loser getting 20. Couple of rounds of that got the heart rate up that's for sure. First round got caught fairly quickly, cant remember what with though. Second round caught with a silly Americana, was stuck under side control and my mind wondered for a second and bang. Never take your mind off what your doing haha.
Then two regular sparring right at the end. First with a fairly new blue belt. Finding my two go to sweeps working well still, and even managed to get mount at one stage. Was trying for a collar choke but couldn't get it and was eventually caught off base. Did get caught in the end by a choke from side control although I'm not sure what it was.
Last spar was fucking agony haha. One of those guys who gets a grip, then holds that grip the whole fight haha. Ended up in some strange positions, neither of us able to finish the other but a good too and fro roll. Thought I was close with a rolling triangle from the mount but he managed to get an arm in.
Felt a little sick after class again which at the time feels shit, but after lets me know I pushed myself.

Was planning on heading up to the Boiler Room on Thursday but turns out my mate is ill so cant make it. Definitely going to head up there as often as possible. I've changed my hours at work now so I finish at 1630 so it will make it a bit easier too get up there.

A few people have commented at training about me writing this shit. I'm still to get used to people reading it. I rarely post on forum and so because I know how easy it is to misunderstand what is being said in text. I guess it's just me being a bit paranoid. As much as this is all just my thoughts and opinions,the last thing I want to do is offend someone. But hey if someone has a problem with anything I say on here just let me know and I'll either remove the particular detail or change it in some way.

Take care




All I can say is.... what a session.

Didn't feel too great whilst running through the techniques, just kinda awkward and uncomfortable. Happens now and then.
We ran over the techniques we did on Sunday. Awesome high guard stuff.
Choke, if choke fails, armbar, if armbar slips out, choke, if armbar is blocked, Americana, if all blocked, sweep.
Quality little combination, if my brain ever works fast enough to do them haha. The more we drill them the more likely my muscles are to remember them and do them without thinking.

Guard passing was awesome tonight. I worked on one main sweep, and when on top one main pass. Nailed them both over and over again. Was really happy with them. The sweep we did on Sunday and the pass we did last Tuesday. Managing to use them both really well.

Sparring with a higher belt is still always killer. You think you are making progress and then you get smashed haha. Wouldn't have it any other way though. I just wish I was able to attack. I spend so much time wondering what to do, I'm already being tied up. I guess it's just an experience thing. Everything I try to do, he already knows, and knows the counter. The more I roll though, the more I will see it coming, the more I'll be able to figure out a way to stop it happening haha. At least that's what I tell myself haha. I sometimes think that it is a mental block as well. I am already planning my defence and escapes before we have even started. I've lost before I even try. Maybe I'll try and spar with the better guys and play like they were newcomers, see how that goes for me.

Sparring in general was awesome. Just had so much fun tonight and at the end of the day, that is what it's all about. Managed to play with a bunch of stuff I have been meaning too. Trying to work on my top game a bit. Mainly side control as I feel I can get a few good submissions from there, but never manage to hold it long enough to do any of them. Also trying to use knee on belly more. If there is one position I need to be good at rolling with Laurie and Adam is knee on belly. Its one of those positions I never really feel stable in, so never use. But the only way to get better at a position is to use it. Was trying for a choke we did ages ago from there with the lapel wrapped around the shoulder but hadn't left myself enough material to switch hands, but as it happens an armbar presented itself to me. Not the usual far side that I would normally try, a near side one, where you have to step in and fall back. Was well happy with that, one of those techniques I have done with Andre and remember not really getting it. But it presented itself and I got it so was I happy. 

Take care 




The more I seem to train the harder the sessions get!

Today's class was taken by Andre and even the warm up nearly killed me. I'm not quite sure why though, was anything too out of the ordinary, other than "duck walking" which kills your thighs haha.
Couple of cool sweeps from half guard tonight. All of which flow into the next if one fails, which is always awesome to do. Combinations are definitely more likely to work, just as a jab hook combo is in boxing.

I dont know whether it is just the fact that everyone that trains in Ashford are monsters, but I feel the more technical I think I'm becoming to more I get smashed. I seem to have real good days, then followed by not so good days haha. Today wasn't a bad day really, just more of a frustrating day. I seem to get out muscled but a lot of the guys, but I really dont want to hit the gym mad and try and compete strength for strength.I want my techniques to work because I am doing them right rather than because I have muscled them. Hopefully training like this will force my game to be more technical. I look at Andre and he is smaller than me but just toys with some of the bigger guys. One day....

Another thing I am finding hard to contend with is when people do unorthodox stuff. For instance I had full back control, with a deep collar grip just fighting to get my other arm behind a guys head. He reaches over and grabs a hold of my head with both hands in almost a reverse Thai clinch. I had absolutely no idea idea what to do, inevitably, he pulls on my head, causing me to let go of my hooks and pulls me over his shoulder and onto my back. All I wanted was a simple collar choke haha. Maybe I just need to take my time a bit, instead of getting over excited and loosing my base.

Something I do plan to work on in the gym is explosive power. Couple of times in the last few weeks I have tried to nail a few new sweeps and never quite pulled them off because I haven't been quick enough. Although I did manage to pull off a sweep/triangle combo tonight which I was chuffed with. I threatened with a scissor sweep one way and switched to a triangle the other.
I do need to become more attacking, instead of waiting to capitalise on other peoples mistakes, play the game I want to play. I used my feet more when in guard tonight and it seemed to be fairly frustrating, most people dont just let me pull guard any more, always getting elbow/knee connection and blocking. Fuckers haha, I wanted to try my new high guard haha.

Any ways I seem to be just rambling now so I'll leave it at that.
Next session Thursday.
Ah and just as a little side note, Laurie's "knee on belly of destruction" got a tap out of me tonight. I think I'm going soft, not happy haha.

Take care



I Honestly Hate The Average Man, His Life Is Shit To Me....

 1. Mental – Get An Oxygen Tank
 2. Righteous Jams – Rage of Discipline
 3. Floorpunch – Fast Times At The Jersey Shore
 4. Q-Unique – Street Supreme
 5. The Wrong Side – Wrong Side Of The Grave
 6. Cro-Mags – The Age Of Quarrel
 7. Stand and Fight – Together We Win
 8. Reign Supreme – Testing the Limits of Infinite
 9. Rise Against – Revolutions Per Minute
10. The Nerve Agents – The Nerve Agents EP

Rediscovering loads of bands again at the moment, lots I had on my old MP3 player and some I'd never got round to listening too.

Take care



Was thinking on the way home from training earlier, its all well and good trying to find cool BJJ related quotes for my training updates but eventually I'm going to run out haha.

Trained in Tonbridge today with Steve Haydock.
Never met Steve before as Sunday classes are usually taken by Wilson. But due to Wilson being in Brazil, Steve has been taking the classes.
Its always good to train with different instructors as they all have a different approach on teaching.
Steve is also a primary school teacher (maybe headmaster) so has an excellent way of breaking down techniques.

Today's class was focused on the closed guard. Something I Definitely need to work on. I think it is all too easy to open your guard and start playing around with different ways of playing open guard, I tend to do this a lot because it seems to be more effective, but when I really think about it, people are wiser to what you are going to try and do in closed guard.
I know if I'm in someone's guard I need to control my posture, block their hips, beak the guard, pass etc etc.
But if someone opens their guard and starts wrapping up my arms with their feet or whatever I am less likely to know what they are doing. So I get caught out.
We worked on a high guard in which you block your opponents shoulder. I've been in this position before and managed to get an armbar, but I never realised there were so many options.
There were three or four techniques we were shown from the high guard and were then shown a basic sweep.
Again I have used this sweep before but its amazing how many small details you were missing, thus making it harder to get off.

Sparring was from the guard which gave everyone a chance to put these techniques into practise.
I need to remember to just take my time and break everything down methodically. I tend to try and do everything at once and get swept/ submitted right off the bat. After the first initial attempt I calmed down and started thinking properly and began to have more success. Managing to pull off a few of the bits we went over.
I always find it hard to practise techniques we have just done right away in sparring. Everyone still has them fresh in their mind so can spot them coming a mile away.

My body doesnt feel half as broken and battered after training as it has done the last few sessions. Think it is starting to get used to the abuse again haha

Take care



I Feel At Ease Around My Peers But There's A Difference Between Them An Me....

New Cold World shirt.
Apparently printed for "This Is Harcore Fest 08"
Nice shirt, good price. Fucking love Ebay sometimes hahah
You all know who Cold World are, but if you dont.

Take care




Second session back training tonight.
Cardio, bit better
Grip, still shit
Hip movement, bit better

Lesson was taken by Laurie and focused on real basic stuff. Which is awesome!
Some small details on posture that you never really think of.
Couple of finer details on breaking the guard and a simple pass.
One that we have been over before but I have always struggled with.
Sometimes you see a technique and it just clicks. The tiniest detail can make all the difference.
Had it just before xmas when drilling "scissor sweeps". A purple belt just adjusted my arm slightly and things began to make sense haha.

Did a fair bit of guard passing tonight which is something I have definitely been meaning to work on.
I tend to get stuck in guard, manage to break the guard, and inevitably put myself into a triangle, or step right into a sweep.
Managed to pull off a couple of "hip bump" sweeps. Mainly due to people concentrating on their posture and leaning back too far. I've struggled with this technique in the past but I think the key to it is timing, and explosion.
Sparring was fun as usual, managed to avoid Adam's "knee on belly of doom" as we did guard passing together, instead suffering the "knee on belly of destruction" from Laurie haha.
As always tried to work some of the stuff we just went over, but I found its fresh in peoples mind and they spot it a mile away. But if you can catch someone with something they can see coming, and they can't stop it, then you are obviously doing it right.

Definitely training Thursday. Slowly going to step it back up to 3 times a week and then add some weights in there too. I miss lifting weights, not that I was ever any good, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Take care



In Death I've Found Release....

Lightbringer Inhumation 7"
Art work in this really is amazing. Also comes with a CD of the tracks.
Awesome band. So Dark, so heavy.

Picked myself up a gilet. £8.00 from George

Cheap clothes are the way forward.

Just got in from the cinema from seeing Youth In Revolt (ok film not amazing).
On the walk home I noticed how grey and miserable it was outside, but listening to The Lightbringer it was almost fitting haha. So I snapped the path I was walking down on my phone.

Take care



You've Always Been Secret About Your Dark Appetites....

My top 10 albums of this week.

1. The Nerve Agents – The Nerve Agents EP
 2. Ignite – Best of: 1994-2004
 3. Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today
 4. No Warning – Ill Blood
 5. Shipwreck A.D. – Abyss
 6. Floorpunch – Fast Times At The Jersey Shore
 7. Santa Karla – At The Mouth Of Madness
 8. Black Flag – Damaged
 9. Blood for Blood – Wasted Youth Brew
10. Cold World – Ice Grillz

Take care


I Gave You Everything, I Watched You Throw It All Away....

After Lloyds TSB fucking me over with charges this month the vinyl collection will have to slow down slightly.
But luckily was still waiting for a couple to come through and still am waiting for one.

Raise The White Flag / The Outpatients Split 7"
Never even seen this 7" before the bass player Dan wrote about it on his blog.
I saw Raise The White Flag a few times so when this came up on ebay I decided to pick it up
Dan still has the download link up on his blog so pop along and take a look. Quality blog with some wicked links. Or
Cant find a page for The Outpatients, if someone else can then just let me know and ill put it up.

Set Your Goals Reset 7"
Amazing record by a band you probably all know.
Added bonus on this record is a Jawbreaker Cover!

Reign Supreme American Violence 7"
Another band I missed touring recently. Seriously need to learn to
A: keep an eye on who is touring.
B: manage my money better haha.

Got the last two from http://revhq.com/. Had only planned on getting the SYG one but due to the postage being fairly high I decided to pick up and couple and this bad boy for my BJJ gi.

Also rev decided to throw in a free gift which is always cool.

Haven't had a web belt since the old days when I used to skate and swore by my Billabong one.
As if I really need any more Straight Edge attire haha.
Ah well someone has to haha.

Take care



I've Given Up Believing It's All Gonna Turn Out Fine....

Couple of new records

Dirty Money No Escaping This 7"
Dont think this band needs any introduction.
Last show is sold out which is a bit of a pain. Still gonna try and get a ticket somehow.
If you have been living under a rock

After not being able to find the cinema in time on Monday night, xDugganx and I decided it was good idea to get some pizza, head back to mine and have a lil record session.
After creaming over a bunch of records he has collected over the years he gave me two he used to sell on his distro. Both bands I hadn't heard of which was cool. Always good to find out about new/old bands.

Some Still Believe S/T 7"
Band from California. Members went on to be in Allegiance, Blacklisted, Set It Straight, Set Your Goals.

Up Front What Fire Does 7"
A Youth Crew band popular in the 80s and 90s. Being from New York, they frequently played with bands such as Bold. Up Front was one of several fairly melodic hardcore bands of the time.

Take care




First BJJ session back today after having a month off.
What is there to say really.
No cardio!
No hip movement!
No explosive power!
No technique!
No grip!
No cardio!
No cardio!!
No cardio!!!

I wouldn't recommend taking a month off training anything at all.
Next time I have to take time off, I will definitely be hitting the weights and the treadmill.

Class was taken by Andre which was cool. Some really cool chokes from butterfly guard.
None of which really worked for me that well as my grip was that of a ten year old girl!
But hey I think I got the basic idea.
I'd like to be able to try and explain the chokes like slideyfoot does, but my literacy skills are limited and I'd rather not miss important details out, maybe its something ill get better at.

Sparring was horrible haha. First couple with experienced blue belts, who just fucking rinsed me, was to be expected really and I would rather that, than try and ease myself back into the swing of things slowly. As the late great Carlson Gracie himself once said "If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions."

After, I sparred with a couple of new guys, nice chilled spars? Haha who the fuck am I kidding, both previous judo guys I think, both wanting to pull my head off.
First guy, I just about did enough to lazily defend any choke attempts and pretty much just lay underneath not doing anything.
Second guy did a little better with, quite a good roll with a few sweeps and sub attempts, got a pretty cool armbar from the mount. Almost got a second but for some reason my hand decided to let go of his arm as I sat back.
Really had to push myself to keep going, after resetting found it real hard not to just lay on the floor, but instead to throw myself back at it and push through.

Definitely going to take me a few sessions to get back into the swing of things but couldn't be happier to be back on the mat.
Next session Thursday.
Heard whisperings of a guy who trains with us, maybe, running a Judo class on a Wednesday as he has just got his BJA coaching qualification.
That would be awesome.
Planning to train Thursday and Sunday this week then hit the gym for some clean and press and "rockmans" next Monday. Maybe go for a jog on the Friday but I'll have to see how I feel, dont want to over do it.

Take care



Time For You To Realise That Nothing's Going To Die With You....

The Last Chance xDemo 2002x CD. Hand Numbered 50/100
Unfortunately form I never got to see this band. They broke up pretty much as I started going to shows.
I'd heard a lot about them and had a few MP3s from the Dead And Gone website.
Few tracks up on their myspace and a couple of videos from their last show.

Black Friday 29 Blackout 7"
Saw this band in Canterbury when they played The Break In record release show.
Only recently got back into them, missed them on their recent tour though.

Until The End S/T 7"
Amazing Straight Edge mosh band.
If you were into The Break In, then you are gonna love this shit.
Blood In The Ink is one of the best Straight Edge albums ever!

Gotta pick up another red card parcel form the Post Office so no doubt ill update this again later on today.
Hopefully going to see 44" Chest tonight. Pretty pissed that Ashford Cineworld isn't showing it but hey, gotta love The Daddy

Take care


I'm not a free man, I'm bound by his words....

Line up changed a bit on this show.
Throats pulled out and so did Lightbringer, was looking forward to seeing them.
Still Legions put on a good show, good shit.
Alaska once again amazing.
And my boys in Santa Karla kill it every time they play.
Fucking band doesn't get enough recognition.


Picked up the Legions' demo for a quid, bargain.

Ive decided on a Sunday night im gonna post my top 10 albums off my last.fm for the week.

1. Shockwave - Omega Supreme
2. AFI - Answer That And Stay Fashionable
3. Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
4. Bitter End - Climate Of Fear
5. Shockwave - Ultimate Doom
6. Cruel Hand - Without A Pulse
7. The Nerve Agents - S/T
8. Cold World - Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First
9. Ignite - Best Of: 1994 - 2004
10. Cold World - No Omega

Take care