I Gave You Everything, I Watched You Throw It All Away....

After Lloyds TSB fucking me over with charges this month the vinyl collection will have to slow down slightly.
But luckily was still waiting for a couple to come through and still am waiting for one.

Raise The White Flag / The Outpatients Split 7"
Never even seen this 7" before the bass player Dan wrote about it on his blog.
I saw Raise The White Flag a few times so when this came up on ebay I decided to pick it up
Dan still has the download link up on his blog so pop along and take a look. Quality blog with some wicked links. Or
Cant find a page for The Outpatients, if someone else can then just let me know and ill put it up.

Set Your Goals Reset 7"
Amazing record by a band you probably all know.
Added bonus on this record is a Jawbreaker Cover!

Reign Supreme American Violence 7"
Another band I missed touring recently. Seriously need to learn to
A: keep an eye on who is touring.
B: manage my money better haha.

Got the last two from http://revhq.com/. Had only planned on getting the SYG one but due to the postage being fairly high I decided to pick up and couple and this bad boy for my BJJ gi.

Also rev decided to throw in a free gift which is always cool.

Haven't had a web belt since the old days when I used to skate and swore by my Billabong one.
As if I really need any more Straight Edge attire haha.
Ah well someone has to haha.

Take care


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