The more I seem to train the harder the sessions get!

Today's class was taken by Andre and even the warm up nearly killed me. I'm not quite sure why though, was anything too out of the ordinary, other than "duck walking" which kills your thighs haha.
Couple of cool sweeps from half guard tonight. All of which flow into the next if one fails, which is always awesome to do. Combinations are definitely more likely to work, just as a jab hook combo is in boxing.

I dont know whether it is just the fact that everyone that trains in Ashford are monsters, but I feel the more technical I think I'm becoming to more I get smashed. I seem to have real good days, then followed by not so good days haha. Today wasn't a bad day really, just more of a frustrating day. I seem to get out muscled but a lot of the guys, but I really dont want to hit the gym mad and try and compete strength for strength.I want my techniques to work because I am doing them right rather than because I have muscled them. Hopefully training like this will force my game to be more technical. I look at Andre and he is smaller than me but just toys with some of the bigger guys. One day....

Another thing I am finding hard to contend with is when people do unorthodox stuff. For instance I had full back control, with a deep collar grip just fighting to get my other arm behind a guys head. He reaches over and grabs a hold of my head with both hands in almost a reverse Thai clinch. I had absolutely no idea idea what to do, inevitably, he pulls on my head, causing me to let go of my hooks and pulls me over his shoulder and onto my back. All I wanted was a simple collar choke haha. Maybe I just need to take my time a bit, instead of getting over excited and loosing my base.

Something I do plan to work on in the gym is explosive power. Couple of times in the last few weeks I have tried to nail a few new sweeps and never quite pulled them off because I haven't been quick enough. Although I did manage to pull off a sweep/triangle combo tonight which I was chuffed with. I threatened with a scissor sweep one way and switched to a triangle the other.
I do need to become more attacking, instead of waiting to capitalise on other peoples mistakes, play the game I want to play. I used my feet more when in guard tonight and it seemed to be fairly frustrating, most people dont just let me pull guard any more, always getting elbow/knee connection and blocking. Fuckers haha, I wanted to try my new high guard haha.

Any ways I seem to be just rambling now so I'll leave it at that.
Next session Thursday.
Ah and just as a little side note, Laurie's "knee on belly of destruction" got a tap out of me tonight. I think I'm going soft, not happy haha.

Take care


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