First BJJ session back today after having a month off.
What is there to say really.
No cardio!
No hip movement!
No explosive power!
No technique!
No grip!
No cardio!
No cardio!!
No cardio!!!

I wouldn't recommend taking a month off training anything at all.
Next time I have to take time off, I will definitely be hitting the weights and the treadmill.

Class was taken by Andre which was cool. Some really cool chokes from butterfly guard.
None of which really worked for me that well as my grip was that of a ten year old girl!
But hey I think I got the basic idea.
I'd like to be able to try and explain the chokes like slideyfoot does, but my literacy skills are limited and I'd rather not miss important details out, maybe its something ill get better at.

Sparring was horrible haha. First couple with experienced blue belts, who just fucking rinsed me, was to be expected really and I would rather that, than try and ease myself back into the swing of things slowly. As the late great Carlson Gracie himself once said "If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions."

After, I sparred with a couple of new guys, nice chilled spars? Haha who the fuck am I kidding, both previous judo guys I think, both wanting to pull my head off.
First guy, I just about did enough to lazily defend any choke attempts and pretty much just lay underneath not doing anything.
Second guy did a little better with, quite a good roll with a few sweeps and sub attempts, got a pretty cool armbar from the mount. Almost got a second but for some reason my hand decided to let go of his arm as I sat back.
Really had to push myself to keep going, after resetting found it real hard not to just lay on the floor, but instead to throw myself back at it and push through.

Definitely going to take me a few sessions to get back into the swing of things but couldn't be happier to be back on the mat.
Next session Thursday.
Heard whisperings of a guy who trains with us, maybe, running a Judo class on a Wednesday as he has just got his BJA coaching qualification.
That would be awesome.
Planning to train Thursday and Sunday this week then hit the gym for some clean and press and "rockmans" next Monday. Maybe go for a jog on the Friday but I'll have to see how I feel, dont want to over do it.

Take care


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  1. Heh - I find it's something that becomes easier the more you do it, though I still can't always get the description across as clearly as I'd like.

    The main things that helped me are always referring to tori as 'you' and uke as 'them', along with using things like 'same side', 'opposite side'. I've started trying to add in pictures where possible too.