I Guess It's Not As Precious As It Seems....

Picked up another package from the Post Office today (haircut/lunch/post office in a lunch hour).

Cruel Hand Without A Pulse 12"
Looks white in this photo but its actually yellow.

Cold World No Omega 12"

Nerve Agents Self Titled 12"
Forgot how fucking good this band are!

Gorilla Biscuits Start Today 12"
Probably my favourite hardcore album!

More to come, hopefully in the next couple of days.

Leianne picked me up a record player yesterday which was awesome, gotta love the Comet store card haha.
Its a Ferguson FTURN02.
Not the most amazing turntable ever. Bought it because it can records straight to MP3, but even that is a little sketchy.
Its redeeming feature is that it has a built in preamp so I can just plug it in to my tv.

Take care



Fuck Happy Endings....

Gone a little overboard on the vinyl this month already. I think it may have been a bad choice financially but fuck it, what else is there to waste money on other than things i enjoy.

Turn Cold Self Titled 7"
Only got to see these guys once in Folkestone, but seriously!!!
Members went on to do other bands, Dead Swans and Chaos Days, Abandon Ship, maybe some others but im not sure.
Broke up in late 06, but still got some tracks up on thier myspace.

Jealous Selt Titled 7"
Just read that only 150 were pressed on pink.
Saw them a few times,
Pretty sure I read somewhere that they are members of Sworn In
Anyway go check them out

Just the two through today, but i did go a bit mad so ill add them as they come in.
Being the amazing kinda girl that Leianne is, she is popping to Comet tomorrow to pick me up a turntable.
I can see this lil hobbie getting out of hand ahaha

Take care



An Outside Look Of The Aftermath....

New 7 through the door as I got in this evening.

The Vows were a hardcore supergroup, with members from Unbroken, Champion, Himsa, Undertow and I'm sure some others.
This was released through Dead And Gone in 06 and I got off their website for the bargin of £1.00
Anyway awesome jams
Check em out

Take care



Have I Become Elitist....

So this evening was the first time I have ever walked out of a "hardcore show".
I have always tried to remain open minded when going to shows. I see lots of people so concerned with what everybody else is doing/wearing/saying blah bloo blah etc etc.
I tend not to do that, I'm there to see bands and I couldn't really give a shit about anyone else.
But tonight, through no fault of the promoter's was like an under 18s school disco.
I saw more under age drinking tonight then I think I have ever seen.
I think this is coming across a bit "old man", i understand that everyone is just trying to have fun.
But I also know that the promoter has put in a lot of effort to organise a show in a county that doesn't really see too many these days. And all I saw was complete disregard to the venue, the organisers and the bands.
Although I wanted to stay to see the bands, I couldn't stomach seeing something that I love in such a state.

Chaos Days unfortunately didnt play but on a plus note Alaska fucking killed it!
Check them out.

Props , and apologies, to the organisers and bands who played though.

Take care



So The Postman....

Got in from work today to find some stuff I ordered had arrived, always good!

Cold Snap / Cornered Split 7" from Carry The Weight records.
Check out both of these bands.

Also my wonderful girlfriend Leianne decided to treat me and ordered me one of these bad boys....

Awesome UK band who seem to be smashing it everywhere at the moment.
Check em out....

Take care




After first seeing this photo, I knew I wanted to have a gi with loads of patches.
If you have no idea who this guy is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallid_Ismail.

And there is a video of him putting Royce Gracie to sleep.

I've always been on the look out for cool patches but never really known what to put on.
After a fair few people asking about my tattoos and where i get them done etc, I decided to get a patch with the Ashford Custom Tattoo logo.
Had a look at a few companies that made "gi patches" Takeand decided that it was a bit expensive so opted to get a cheap t-shirt printed and just cut the logo out and sew it on. The result its pretty good for about £3.00

Take care 




So I decided I was going to compile a list of my music collection, which I will eventually edit properly and upload in a way I can easily edit when I buy new shit.
Just spent about an hour jotting down everything I own in hard copy.

As I said in a previous post my vinyl collection will hopefully be growing pretty rapidly this year.
At some point I'll get round to sorting everything I have in download form as well.

If your interested what has been on my Ipod recently

Might even try and get a widget that will post my recent tracks on the bottom of my posts, if such thing exists.

Take care




New tattoo courtesy of Sam at Ashford Custom Tattoo.

Its the start of a bit of traditional Japanese work I've been planning. Haven't had a chance to have any work done for a while, been too busy training. 
Conflicting hobbies are a pain in the arse! 
But I'm not training this month, due to lack of funds, so going to try and get as much done as possible.

Just the line work for now, think I'm going to line the whole of the bottom part of my leg before adding colour. 
Although I'll probably change my mind anyway haha.

Its Raijin the Japanese god of thunder and lightening.
Take care



A Lil Explanation Of My Blog Name....

My blog name was actually what convinced me to do this, the name came before the blog. Nothing majorly eventful.
Just the realisation that Xed up hands look best after a few washes!

For those have no idea what the fuck im on about
There is a bit of reading for ya.

Take care



Getting This Thing Rolling....

Part of a "new years resolution" was to actually start writing a blog, Ive had an account to read other people's for a while now, but couldnt really bring myself to post. Mainly just thinking "why would anyone give a shit about anything i have to say". But after endless hours of reading other people's drivel, that i have no interest in, made me realise that, hey, who cares if anyone likes this or not, someone might find it interesting.
I actually plan to somehow tab my main page to break it into sections where i can post about relating topics separately but being new to this i dont even know if that is possible.

Went to this show in Canterbury last night.

Never Again are one of those bands that continue to impress me. They dont even play the kinda hardcore i would normally listen to, but seriously the energy these guys put into it.
Thanks to Never Grow Up Promotions for putting the show on.


Picked up a couple of 7" while i was there. Now i dont usually do vinyl but again, "new years resolution" haha. Plus the fancy colours kinda grab me.
Santa Karla - At The Mouth Of Madness 7"

Never Again 7"

Take care