I Guess It's Not As Precious As It Seems....

Picked up another package from the Post Office today (haircut/lunch/post office in a lunch hour).

Cruel Hand Without A Pulse 12"
Looks white in this photo but its actually yellow.

Cold World No Omega 12"

Nerve Agents Self Titled 12"
Forgot how fucking good this band are!

Gorilla Biscuits Start Today 12"
Probably my favourite hardcore album!

More to come, hopefully in the next couple of days.

Leianne picked me up a record player yesterday which was awesome, gotta love the Comet store card haha.
Its a Ferguson FTURN02.
Not the most amazing turntable ever. Bought it because it can records straight to MP3, but even that is a little sketchy.
Its redeeming feature is that it has a built in preamp so I can just plug it in to my tv.

Take care


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