Fuck Happy Endings....

Gone a little overboard on the vinyl this month already. I think it may have been a bad choice financially but fuck it, what else is there to waste money on other than things i enjoy.

Turn Cold Self Titled 7"
Only got to see these guys once in Folkestone, but seriously!!!
Members went on to do other bands, Dead Swans and Chaos Days, Abandon Ship, maybe some others but im not sure.
Broke up in late 06, but still got some tracks up on thier myspace.

Jealous Selt Titled 7"
Just read that only 150 were pressed on pink.
Saw them a few times,
Pretty sure I read somewhere that they are members of Sworn In
Anyway go check them out

Just the two through today, but i did go a bit mad so ill add them as they come in.
Being the amazing kinda girl that Leianne is, she is popping to Comet tomorrow to pick me up a turntable.
I can see this lil hobbie getting out of hand ahaha

Take care


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