Getting This Thing Rolling....

Part of a "new years resolution" was to actually start writing a blog, Ive had an account to read other people's for a while now, but couldnt really bring myself to post. Mainly just thinking "why would anyone give a shit about anything i have to say". But after endless hours of reading other people's drivel, that i have no interest in, made me realise that, hey, who cares if anyone likes this or not, someone might find it interesting.
I actually plan to somehow tab my main page to break it into sections where i can post about relating topics separately but being new to this i dont even know if that is possible.

Went to this show in Canterbury last night.

Never Again are one of those bands that continue to impress me. They dont even play the kinda hardcore i would normally listen to, but seriously the energy these guys put into it.
Thanks to Never Grow Up Promotions for putting the show on.


Picked up a couple of 7" while i was there. Now i dont usually do vinyl but again, "new years resolution" haha. Plus the fancy colours kinda grab me.
Santa Karla - At The Mouth Of Madness 7"

Never Again 7"

Take care


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