So I decided I was going to compile a list of my music collection, which I will eventually edit properly and upload in a way I can easily edit when I buy new shit.
Just spent about an hour jotting down everything I own in hard copy.

As I said in a previous post my vinyl collection will hopefully be growing pretty rapidly this year.
At some point I'll get round to sorting everything I have in download form as well.

If your interested what has been on my Ipod recently

Might even try and get a widget that will post my recent tracks on the bottom of my posts, if such thing exists.

Take care



  1. I love last.fm, though I'm thinking my taste isn't going to cross-over with yours much. ;)

  2. haha there is a few cross overs.

  3. Any suggestions for someone who I assume is unlikely to enjoy that kind of stuff (though I know next to nothing about straight-edge, aside from the no drugs, no drinking etc thing, and what I just read on AMG)?

    I tend to have trouble finding a way into the less melodic genres that get all shouty and aggressive, like metal and hardcore.

    Still, there tends to be something I can enjoy even if I dislike most of the genre. Punk, for example: don't like the vast majority of it, but then I'm very keen on its later development into New Wave, and transitional bands like The Jam.

    Oh, and just noticed that bit at the bottom of your post: I think the charts you're looking for are here.

    You can include the relevant code on every subsequent post by going to your Blogspot dashboard -> Settings -> Formatting, then scroll down to Post Template and dump the HTML in the adjacent box.