You'll Never Be What You Wanted To Be, So Stop Fucking Blaming Me....

Bunch of 7"s turned up today, stoked.

Age Of Kali - Demo 06 7" (Rat Patrol)
Straight Edge band from Margate
Members were/are in xCanaanx/On Thin Ice/Rot In Hell/Cold Snap/Raise The White Flag/The Break In/Out Of Hand etc etc
Drug x Test - Needle In Your Neck 7" (Walk All Night)
Dont really know too much about these yet. A name I have been aware of for a while but never got round to listening too. Given it a listen, love it! Fast and Straight Edge.

Raise The White Flag - Calling All Cynics 7" (Keep Screaming)
Local dudes ive written about before. Awesome 7" that came with a last show cover (not pictured) numbered 10/25

Shark Attack - Blood In The Water 7" (Bridge Nine/My War)
Another one of those bands never really checked out before, Ive seen a few bands play some covers of theirs but never heard it from them. Good shit!

Nervous Wreck - Welcome To Hell 7" (Keep Screaming)
A mate of mine used to sing for this band, fast thrashy, and pissed off as hell! Members now in Dead Swans/Architects 

Take care 


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