You Look Down On Me And I Dont Give A Fuck....

Wicked gift from xSimpsonx at training Tuesday night, other than a head butt in the face haha

The Suicide File Live On WERS 7"
Sold by the band on their European tour, and apparently bought at the Ashford show
Just Checked the Lifeline records website and 300 pressed on "red" (although its more of an pinkish red) and were only sold by the band. Features tracks recorded on a radio session on WERS in 2004.

Fifty On Red - S/T 7"
On Dead And Gone records
Second Press 500 on green
Not sure if I caught these guys or not. I know they were definately around when i first started going to shows. Good shit!

Take care


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  1. Nice dude! I've the black/marble press of Live On WERS.