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A few new records have turned up over the last few days

Wayfarer - The Days Have Gone Down In The West LP

This was actually a freebee from a mate, who also runs a blog http://www.memoriesliefrozen.blogspot.com/
SRH kids playing Clevo style. Guys from Breaking x Point, Never x Again and not sure who else haha

Out Of Hand - Dirty South 7"

Wasn't really into this band when they were around. Was never really into the whole fast thrashy style. But recently been getting into more bands along this line, and people still hold Out Of Hand in high regards so I thought id check it out. Its actually awesome!

xCurraheex - Self Titled 7"
xCurraheex - Why We Fight 7"

Straight Edge youth crew from Manchester. Got into this band a while ago when I was given a demo by their then guitarist Gio. Didnt really hear too much about them for a while and then I noticed they were playing a show down this way so I thought I'd dig the demo out, forgot how good it was. Also noticed that Carry The Weight had both the 7"s on their distro so I picked them both up.

Times Together - The Changing Of The Leaves 7"

Dont really know too much about these, seen a few people talking about them so I ordered this.
All I can say is I love it! Old school hardcore, bit like Youth Of Today, Uniform Choice etc. The vocal style reminds me of Ignite. Anyway check it out

50 Lions  - Self Titled 7"

Ordered this from work actually. I work at HMV so the level of stuff available is awful unless you want some generic bullshit, but I always look for stuff on the system on the off chance that I might be able to get something cool on the cheap haha. Anyway this was showing as available so I ordered it, £2.40 with no postage costs etc etc so cant complain. Plus its a banger! Hard Australian hardcore in that NY worship style, TUI/ Madball/ Cruel Hand/ No Warning etc

Also a new sweater, can't say enough good things about this band. Buy their records, buy their merch, go to their show and smash the place to bits!

Take care


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